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International Dental Tourism

Combine your travel in Athens with high-quality Dental Treatment.
Smile Designers are proud members of the Dental Tourism Cluster and can’t wait to welcome you to Athens!


We welcome you to “Αsklepieia Ηealth”, a Cooperative Network (Cluster) of Medical Tourism and constitutes the first Organized & Coordinated Extroversion Activity of significant range in the field of Health in Greece. It was created by Health Providers who invest in the quality of their services in order to make Attica (and gradually the whole of Greece) a destination for Medical Tourism.

Smile Designers are proud members of the Dental Tourism Cluster and can’t wait to welcome you to Athens!

Dental Tourism in Athens with Smile Designers, the Number one Cosmetic Dentistry provider in Greece

Smile Designers highly specialized, skilled and experienced team is proud to offer cosmetic dental services of the highest quality at an affordable cost to international patients outside Greece.

Why not combine your vacation in Athens with our clinic’s cosmetic dental services on your next visit?

The Smile Designers Dental Clinic is located in the quiet, upscale area of Psychiko in the northern suburbs, an elegant neighborhood which also hosts most of the international embassies. The tranquil green streets are a world away from the noise and traffic of downtown Athens, yet the area is easily accessible from the center, either by car/taxi (a 15-minute drive) or by public transportation (bus or metro).

The Smile Designers Dental Clinic is a Member of Athens Dental Tourism Cluster (ADTC), a non-profit organization that, under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens, promotes dental tourism in the wider Athens area. ADTC is an alliance of some of the best dental clinics in Athens. All of its members are committed to certified services, highly specialized dental teams and top-quality dental services, in order to establish Athens as an international center for dental care.

As parts of its Dental Tourism package Smile Designers offers: a free online smile design pre-consultation, complimentary transportation to and from the airport and hotel, special prices for 4-and 5-star hotels, 24-hour VIP for reservations or other help, a free annual check-up, and a three-year guarantee for every dental procedure.

The clinic specializes in improving people’s smiles with the aid of ultrathin prepless porcelain veneers. Its high-tech laboratory allows dentists and patients to design a new smile with the aid of a dental technician, minimizing any risk of error while speeding up the procedure. For those who want to change the shape or color of their teeth and achieve a new dazzling smile, ultra-thin natural veneers, made with porcelain material just .04mm thick, are used in place of traditional 1.0mm-thick veneers. This new material is incredibly tough and resistant. Its unique characteristics make the production of ultra-thin layers possible, necessitating little or no preparation (i.e., drilling) of the tooth surface. With proper care and regular checkups, ultrathin natural veneers can withstand chips and cracks and last for a period of fifteen to twenty years.

The time needed for all cosmetic procedures can be reduced for overseas patients down to a total of 5-7 days for an upper and lower teeth reconstruction with veneers or crowns.

Simple steps to follow as a new overseas patient:

1. Send us a brief email at info@smiledesigners describing your dental problem or cosmetic procedure you are interested in.
2. Send us a close up photo of your smile.
3. Send us your X-rays if u have any.
4. The smile designers team will reply within 24 hours providing you with all the necessary extra steps to follow …explaining to you in full detail what is the suggested treatment plan for you.

A scheduled telephone call from the smile designers team will follow in order to finalize the details, costs, time needed, hotels or tickets.

And don’t forget …you are unique so you deserve a unique smile!

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