Cosmetic Dentistry

Ultra Thin Veneers

All new ultrathin e-max veneers!


Good news for those who have teeth positioned more inside than the correct position, interdental spaces-diastemmas , shorter or smaller teeth , or they simply need a color change! If you are lucky enough to be among the 30% of the people which belong to all these above categories, you can have a perfect smile with porcelain veneers, without reducing-preparing the teeth.

This new kind of porcelain-ceramic material consists of a white core-substructure e-max press with very high strength and resistance to fracture, till 400 MPA. The exciting feature is that this core can have a very high strength with a very slim thickness 0,2 mm, which practically speaking, is so thin as a contact lens.

The porcelain that covers this core is an ultra thin film which provides especially difficult to achieve optical qualities. The e-max veneers are natural looking, with transparency and brightness approaching the relative qualities of the natural tooth.

When theses veneers are bonded to the tooth they are effectively incorporated to the natural tissues of the tooth and they can survive for many years in the mouth. This is the the state of the art technology in Esthetic Dentistry. Dare to have the ever dreaming perfect white smile with maximum duration.